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Your dirty little minx


My personality is naturally confident and independent in every day life. However, I have a secret. The bedroom is the one and only place I want you to control me and boss me around. Make me your dirty little minx or your sexual plaything. Picture me on my knees as you feed yourself to me. Watch my face as I take your length in my mouth and gag on you as my eyes water. Spank me, pull my hair or tie me up whilst you fuck me hard and rough whilst I beg you for more until you’re ready to explode all over my face and in my sweet warm mouth.

You will obey me

DSC_3854_rt_crop.1 - Copy

Or maybe you want to obey me and be dominated. Depending where your interests lie, I’ll slowly toy with you physically or psychologically and use you as I see fit. I can humiliate you, violate you, verbally abuse and tease you, deny you or torture you. Or maybe I’ll just tie you up and make you watch.

Please refer to my  Porn Star Experience for more information.

Please note; I am not a trained dominatrix or mistress and I don’t identify with being a submissive or dominatrix; the experience is purely intended for mutual adult fun. A phone conversation prior to the booking is essential to establish boundaries and limitations to ensure an enjoyable experience for both of us. Extra rates may apply depending on your requested service.